Rail Tie Solutions

Crown Plastics DuraSurf™ ASC- UV UHMW product is a preferred solution for insulated, anti-skid rail pads.

DuraSurf™ Rail Pads offer improved performance, including:

  • Reduced force displacement
  • Reduced shock and vibration
  • Improved load distribution
  • Improved durability forties and fasteners
  • Reduced service downtime
  • Improved stability in the track system
  • Water resistance
  • UV protection

Rail Cushion Assembly
The patented DuraSurf™ Rail Cushion Assembly is a resilient UHMW-PE pad for placement against the lower surface of a railroad rail and an underlying abrasion plate for placement against a railroad tie. The rail pad includes a pair of slots that extend through opposite end sloping edge panels that are adjacent to the lower surface of the rail pad. The abrasion plate is a flat, sheet-like component that has a generally similar shape as that of the rail pad but includes a pair of outwardly extending connection tabs, one at each of a pair of opposite edge surfaces. The connection tabs of the abrasion plate are received in respective slots of the rail pad to provide the DuraSurf™ Rail Cushion Assembly in ready- to-use form and without requiring on-site assembly of the components.

Locomotive & Rail Car Applications
Crown Plastics’ DuraSurf™ line of UHMW polyethylene products are designed to eliminate problems associated with Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle (BSR), and Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH). These problems are normally attributed to wind leakage, movement between adjoining panels, and gaps and holes in panels. DuraSurf™ BSR thin tapes and thicker gauge DuraSurf™ ETA help eliminate wear and noise between dissimilar materials, allows movement in adjoining parts, protect painted surfaces, cover openings in frames and panels, reduce marring and help extend vehicle life and enhance the quality image of the vehicle manufacturer. DuraSurf™ BSR and DuraSurf™ ETA are easily die-cuttable and can fit into existing designs.

DuraSurf™ Products

DuraSurf™ BSR

Crown Plastics DuraSurf™ BSR tapes are specifically designed to meet the demands of the automotive industry to help eliminate Buzz, Squeak and Rattle issues in auto interiors. DuraSurf™ BSR tapes eliminate wear and noise between dissimilar materials, reduce warranty issues, allow movement between adjoining parts, protect painted surfaces, reduce marring and extend vehicle life. DuraSurf™ BSR tapes are easily die-cut to fit within existing designs.

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DuraSurf™ ETA

Crown Plastics standard line of DuraSurf™ ETA wear strips and adhesive backed tapes are Easy-To-Apply. Each tape product offers the excellent abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, high impact strength and high performance people have come to expect from UHMW. By providing this exceptional material with an adhesive backing, installation time and costs are significantly reduced. No need for bolts or fasteners, no need to countersink.

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Make It Stick – Concrete

Demonstration UHMW products applied to concrete

Crown Plastic’s unique adhesive backed UHMW facilitates quick and easy installation. Pressure sensitive UHMW tape allows for 100% of the material thickness to be used in wear applications, which is not the case with mechanically fastened product, offering our customers valuable labor and hardware cost savings!

- Alexander, Industrial Sales

We consider Crown Plastics to be our standard product line for UHMW. This is due to providing superior product at a great price point as well as exceptional customer service. The custom opportunities that Crown is able to provide is unmatched.

- Buyer at a major manufacturer

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