DuraSurf™ Noise Damping Bumper

Reduce impact noise and friction.

Noise Damping UHMW Bumper Strips:

Crown clients repeatedly asked for a strike plate that retained it’s slick surface, but reduced impact and noise.  After deveopment of several alternatives, the current STS/Santoprene solution was developed.  Not only is it a great success, but we can offer custom sizes and colors, and even send installation experts to get your solution in place fast and easy.

Distribution centers have a lot of things moving!  Unavoidably, those moving boxes and totes impact rails, beds and landing zones in a way that can greatly increase noise in the environment.  We’ve built Crown’s Bumpers by laminating a sandwich with a soft center behind our super slick STS strips and then adding adhesive to the back.  In minutes, you can reduce impact noise, lower damage and still have a super slick surface to avoid jams or slowdown in product movement.

Want a more cost-effective, turnkey solution for your UHMW needs? We can help.

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