Crown works with distributors to provide the products distribution centers need, right when they need them.

How to Buy

Find a distributor close to you to start using Crown’s high quality, cost effective solutions for the material handling industry.

      How Crown Works With Distributors

      Crown helps distributors serve their customers better:

      • Special volume pricing
      • Stocking program to get your materials when you need them
      • Dedicated customer service
      • Sample kits
      • Custom parts and pieces
      • Custom modifications, roll widths, colors, & formulations

      Become a Distributor

      Crown Plastic’s unique adhesive backed UHMW facilitates quick and easy installation. Pressure sensitive UHMW tape allows for 100% of the material thickness to be used in wear applications, which is not the case with mechanically fastened product, offering our customers valuable labor and hardware cost savings!

      - Alexander, Industrial Sales

      We consider Crown Plastics to be our standard product line for UHMW. This is due to providing superior product at a great price point as well as exceptional customer service. The custom opportunities that Crown is able to provide is unmatched.

      - Buyer at a major manufacturer

      Want a more cost-effective, turnkey solution for your UHMW needs? We can help.

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