Durasurf ASC-UV

DuraSurf™ ASC-UV

DuraSurf™ ASC-UV is a thin-gauge UHMW-PE tape. Available with or without a pressure sensitive adhesive backing, DuraSurf™ ASC-UV is a peel and stick solution for indoors and outdoors applications requiring either a thin UV stabile plastic or a plastic that reduces the risk of electrostatic discharge.

DuraSurf™ ASC-UV is a black pigment UHMW-PE blend with a 1% carbon content. The carbon gives the plastic the highest level of conductivity in the industry with a surface resistivity of 102-103. The black pigment also provides a high level of UV resistance, lasting up to 10 times longer in the outdoors than other UHMW-PE products.

Conductive Applications

In consumer product manufacturing, conductivity restrictions stipulate that plastics used in special applications or manufacturing environments resist tribocharging and the build-up of common static electricity.

Tribocharging occurs when two dissimilar surfaces come into contact with each other and then separate. The separation causes the release and transfer of electrons from one surface to the other. As electrons accumulate on the surface of the receiving surface, the potential for ESD (electrostatic discharge) increases. The intensity of the static build-up and the strength of any discharge are affected by such variables as the types of materials involved, their surface roughness and temperature, and the amount of humidity in the air.

The discharge, when it occurs, may be visible (spark) or invisible. A discharge in areas that are subject to gas, fuel vapor, or dust accumulation may cause an explosion and fire. A discharge near sensitive electronic devices may cause component failure.

DuraSurf™ ASC-UV, as a conductive plastic, resists electron build-up and the potential for electrostatic discharge. This makes the product suitable for use in clean rooms and in applications involving the assembly of electronic components.

In material handling environments, DuraSurf™ ASC-UV prevents the accumulation of static electricity around moving components and electronic devices. When applied in chute lining applications (with or without additional silicone additive*), the resistance to electron build-up allows lightweight poly bags and shrink-wrapped products to move freely across the chute surface.

Stable Applications

The combination of black pigment and 1% carbon increases DuraSurf™ ASC-UV’s resistance to UV rays. In outdoor environments where the plastic is subject to only indirect exposure to sunlight, the lifespan of the product is substantial. And even in direct exposure, DuraSurf™ ASC-UV has proven stable up to ten times longer than similar products.

When combined with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, UV-stable applications for DuraSurf™ ASC-UV extend to include environments with high heat and moisture. Acrylic adhesive adds moisture resistance and heat tolerance characteristics to product performance. Although not moisture proof, applications that place DuraSurf™ ASC-UV in direct exposure to sun and rain will hold up longer.

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