The slickest UHMW with a turnkey solution.

Crown’s unique Belt Press production method gives you the competitive edge you need by reducing scrap and eliminating unnecessary shipping & handling costs—while providing the highest quality UHMW. We don’t make chutes, we make the stuff that makes chutes work!

Save on Costs

Don't pay for scrap you can't use—we produce UHMW at any thickness between .030"-.30" at sizes that best meet the needs of your materials.

Easy to Install

Crown is with you every step of the way, from manufacturing to design to installation. Save 30% by eliminating the shipping & handling costs others require to get the job done.

Superior Slickness

Our proprietary Belt Press technology and silicone-impregnated UHMW gives you the slickest finish, proven to last 14x longer than typical carbon steel.

Crown Silent Roller

Our Silent Rollers are bearing-free, combining superior design and higher-quality materials to deliver exceptional performance with less noise for your conveyor systems.

Designed without ball bearings and using Crown’s UHMW, which offers greater wear resistance than stainless steel, Silent Rollers provide the best belt wear performance and protection. The result is less noise, better working conditions, less maintenance, and lower inventory costs!

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Crown Roller Plates

With an industry-leading design and superior materials, our Roller Plates to work for very low incline areas. They keep even light objects moving, but with the strength and durability to handle continuous high-impact and heavier loads.

Better design and better material make a better solution for high-volume and high-load areas for superior material handling performance!

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Best Seller:

Crown’s STS Slider Strips

STS Durasurf™ Slider Strips extend the life of your systems and save maintenance costs, all while further reducing noise in your facility.

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Crown Return Bar Covers

Crown Return Bar Covers are a simple solution to eliminate vibrations and reduce friction and amp draw. They snap on to the steel bars and install in minutes, creating a safer, quieter system that extends the life of belts, lacings, bars, and drives.

With three standard sizes (1.5”, 1.75”, and 2”) and at 6” in length, they fit all quarter-round bars. Orders come with 25 bar covers.

  • CR07631 (1.5”)
  • CR07632 (1.75”)
  • CR07633 (2.0”)

Get premium quality chute liners AND save on costs.

Crown’s unique Belt Press production method and end-to-end services mean you get higher quality materials—without the strain on your budget.

Save up to 30% compared to other UHMW manufacturers.

With only 7 belt presses in the world, Crown offers unrivaled technology that reduces scrap and provides a turnket solution­—saving you time and money.

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Why Crown Plastics?


The Only 7 in the World

Crown is the only company with the unique Belt Press technology, allowing us to provide UHMW with unrivaled quality and performance.


Turnkey Solution

We're more than a UHMW manufacturer—from designing to installation, our turnkey solutions save you time and costs.


The Best Material

With silicone-impregnated options, Crown's Durasurf is the slickest UHMW with the smoothest finish you can find. We also have many ways to make our material adhesive-backed for easy installation.


Custom Runs for Your Needs

Crown's Belt Press technology allows for custom thickness between .030-.25" on panels sized to your needs, reducing wasted scrap.

How to Buy

Find a distributor close to you to start using Crown’s high quality, cost effective solutions for the material handling industry.

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We’re up to the challenge.

See how Crown’s DuraSurf™ stacks up against the alternatives:

UHMW Production

Watch the short video below to learn why Crown Plastic’s is the #1 choice for UHMW production.

Crown Challenge – DuraSurf vs Galvanized Steel

Crown Plastics demonstrates how their DuraSurf™ UHMW product, applied to package handling chutes, out performs galvanized steel.

STS Durasurf Slider Strips

Watch the short video below to learn more about how Crown Plastic’s UHMW Strips can help your conveyor belts run smooth and trouble-free.

Crown Plastic’s unique adhesive backed UHMW facilitates quick and easy installation. Pressure sensitive UHMW tape allows for 100% of the material thickness to be used in wear applications, which is not the case with mechanically fastened product, offering our customers valuable labor and hardware cost savings!

- Alexander, Industrial Sales

We consider Crown Plastics to be our standard product line for UHMW. This is due to providing superior product at a great price point as well as exceptional customer service. The custom opportunities that Crown is able to provide is unmatched.

- Buyer at a major manufacturer

Want a more cost-effective, turnkey solution for your UHMW needs? We can help.

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