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No matter the season, if you are building recreational boards for snow or water… DuraSurf™UHMW-PE gives you the the smoothest, slickest and most consistent material. Crown’s proprietary treatments guarantee strong, durable adhesion making your product one that will please even the toughest snow, surf and wake enthusiasts. Crown’s DuraSurf™ UHMW-PE is the favorite choice for boardsport manufacturers worldwide.

Crown Plastic’s unique adhesive backed UHMW facilitates quick and easy installation. Pressure sensitive UHMW tape allows for 100% of the material thickness to be used in wear applications, which is not the case with mechanically fastened product, offering our customers valuable labor and hardware cost savings!

- Alexander, Industrial Sales

We consider Crown Plastics to be our standard product line for UHMW. This is due to providing superior product at a great price point as well as exceptional customer service. The custom opportunities that Crown is able to provide is unmatched.

- Buyer at a major manufacturer

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