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Top Products for Noise Reduction

If your distribution center is hitting 80dBA, it’s the equivalent of standing within 100 feet of a freight train! (*

Noise in the workplace can be a challenge and that is particularly difficult in today’s large and complex distribution centers.   At Crown Plastics, we are working on new products every day, and we have our consultative representatives working in distribution centers around the world.

We design, make and install solutions – if you’re dealing with noise issues, we should talk!  To get a start, below are three of our top ways to help.

Crown is a favorite among engineers and designers with innovative DuraSurf products that reduce noise in package handling, distribution centers, automotive and manufacturing parts and assemblies.

Crown Plastic’s unique adhesive backed UHMW facilitates quick and easy installation. Pressure sensitive UHMW tape allows for 100% of the material thickness to be used in wear applications, which is not the case with mechanically fastened product, offering our customers valuable labor and hardware cost savings!

- Alexander, Industrial Sales

We consider Crown Plastics to be our standard product line for UHMW. This is due to providing superior product at a great price point as well as exceptional customer service. The custom opportunities that Crown is able to provide is unmatched.

- Buyer at a major manufacturer

Want a more cost-effective, turnkey solution for your UHMW needs? We can help.

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