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Crown's continuous production reaches pressures of 1500psi (10.34 MPa) and temperatures of 750°F (400°C). Finally, producing the most difficult composites is made easy. 

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We searched high and wide for someone who can meet our temperature and pressure requirements. Crown's equipment was able to do it. They were able to work with virtually any material, any form of fabric or non-woven, and combine it with any thermoplastic in such a way that maintains integrity of the material properties by virtue of their short heating and cooling time and 14” zone. Crown’s material is ready to go when it’s gone through their process.”

- John Kalb, Technical Sales Representative





Crown's Continuous Compression Technology 

Now you can upgrade to advanced thermoplastics easily. 

Crown is the only company in the world to offer composite turnkey services ranging from testing to manufacturing and final finishing/fabrication and assembly. More traceable and in control of supply.

Incubation to Production 

Crown's proprietary, US based machines and processes deliver large or small runs with unmatched quality. Delivered on time and operated in a controlled, secure environment.

Why Crown Plastics

Crown's machines are fast and flexible. Unlike others, they are not dedicated to single applications. That means that we can test within weeks, as well as take your project to completion.

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100% US Based Machines




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Commodity Plastics vs. Engineering Polymers

Crown's Continuous Compression Technology 
supports the processing of high-temperature engineering polymers such as: 

A continuous compression process enables manufacturers to better leverage the high-performance properties of long-chained polymers. Amorphous or semi-crystalline in structure, medium- to high-molecular-weight polymers produce thermoplastics that are extremely tough, resistant to corrosion and have a long shelf-life.

The superior polymers Crown can produce meet the standards needed for:

Automotive Applications

Consumer Electronics

Light & Durable Armor

Ballistic Panels

Polyether ether ketone

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)




Unlike thermoset composites,
thermoplastics can be reheated
and remolded, allowing for
reuse and thereby lowering their
environmental impact.

The ability to reuse thermoplastics
allows for quick testing and
prototyping without creating scrap
material that would otherwise
end up in a landfill.

Reduce Compostable Waste

Less hand layup and the ability to
press cure allows for automating
production lines with industry 4.0
technologies—leading to higher
output and cost savings.

Move Toward Industry 4.0 Technologies

Why Thermoplastics? 

99-100% Recyclable

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When reinforced with high-performance fibers, engineered polymer resins exhibit lengthy prepreg shelf life without refrigeration and possess exceptional impact-resistance and vibration-damping properties. With Crown's Continuous Pressure Technology, both small and large scale manufacturers can utilize these superior polymers for the first time at a significantly reduced cost.

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Crown's turnkey production of composite material isn’t limited to 20-foot lengths, providing manufacturers with a pathway to lower materials costs, shorter lead times and cost-effective scale up.

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