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Crown's Continuous Compression Technology 

Crown is the only company in the world to offer composite turnkey services ranging from testing to manufacturing and final finishing/fabrication and assembly. More traceable and in control of supply.

Incubation to Production 

Crown's proprietary, US based machines and processes deliver large or small runs with unmatched quality. Delivered on time and operated in a controlled, secure environment.

Why Crown Plastics

Crown's machines are fast and flexible. Unlike others, they are not dedicated to single applications. That means that we can test within weeks, as well as take your project to completion.

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100% US Based Machines

Learn More About Making Thermoplastics Easy. 

From thermosets to thermoplastics, small or big runs, we deliver express solutions tailored to your needs.

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Crown's turnkey production of composite material isn’t limited to 20-foot lengths, providing manufacturers with a pathway to lower materials costs, shorter lead times and cost-effective scale up.

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Commodity Plastics vs. Engineering Polymers

Innovative Thermoplastic Composites Manufacturing

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